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[DUOEXOTI] #Cell Booster that fills the skin with resilient cells

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When do you feel you are getting older?


I realize that I am getting older by looking at my skin that is not the same as before. ​ ​


As time goes by and we get older year by year, our bodies and minds start to age. 



One of the biggest causes of aging or disease is the cells that make up the human body functions and activities are reduced. 

The same goes for skin cells. ​ ​

Skin cells are damaged by aging and environmental factors. 

Because aging/damaged cells are weakened and unable to function properly, 

It causes various skin concerns such as loss of elasticity, fine wrinkles, enlarged pores, and extreme dryness. 



Can skin cells be restored?

The answer is Cell booster 


DUOEXOTI is a collection of ingredients that are excellent for cell regeneration and recovery. 

It is a cell booster that helps regenerate aging and damaged skin cells and promotes cell activation. ​

It is a new booster that focuses more on fundamental improvement of the skin than a Skin Booster. ​


Then, how can DUOEXOTI change cells? ​ ​


Shall we find out together ?


The proud specifications of DUOEXOTI? ​ Crystallized 50 billion exosome particles obtained by extracting exosomes, the core components from the human adipose tissue culture fluid and freeze-drying them!​



This core ingredient has all the information of the parent stem cell, 

And it plays a role in restoring and regenerating damaged and aged cells around it. ​


Pure salmon DNA high-content activator that enhances regeneration synergy! 


It is a natural-friendly non-chemical ingredient that matches 95% of human DNA which is less burdensome to the skin. 

Layered once more on the primary cell regenerative power, you can feel more enhanced double cell regenerative power. ​ ​ DUOEXOTI, a combination of two powerful cell regeneration energies If you think about skin beauty, you can't miss it? ​


The secret of a beautiful skin, Is skin's cell care after all! ​


Start cell treatment with DUOEXOTI Cell Booster at a nearby dermatologist/plastic surgery clinic









★ DUOEXOTI Homepage → http://duoexoti.com/

★ DUOEXOTI Instagram page → DUOEXOTI 듀오엑소티(@duoexoti.official)



​ ​ Products inquiries: 


Email: trade@shareumbrella.com ​


*Malaysia(Venusys) : 0163363595 

*Japan : 090 2548 7683 *Thailand : 089 127 9295 

*Vietnam : 090 718 1986 

*Indonesia : 0813 1876 6155 

*Qatar : 0702 04105



​ ​


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