[BellaSonic] Honest Review of BellaSonic's Water Luminous Ultrasonic Care ( News & Event )

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[BellaSonic] Honest Review of BellaSonic's Water Luminous Ultrasonic Care

Umbrella 0 2021-11-02 14:42:12 1,618

Customer review: Miss Ahn**

Age: 20s

Skin type: oily skin that lacks moisture but it's greasy due to excess of sebum secretion

Miss Ahn** revealed that she was surprised about the amazing double effect of Bellasonic ultrasound treatment after receiving the procedure.

Shall we check out the live review now? 


Skin concers such as

△ Dry and rough skin texture due to lack of moisture

△ uneven skin tone

△ skin irregulation that are noticeable after makeup or suncream

can be treated with BellaSonic ultrasound procedure 

BellaSonic ultrasound treatment

I was not able to overcome these common skin problems that everyone are facing so I was getting really

stressed. I even tried to change the basic cosmetics to better and more famous brands that were aiming the specific skin problems, but it didn't solve the fundamental problem and only temporary effect I could felt. so I ended up becoming a "cosmetic nomad" trying out different products to see which one has better effects without being able to settle to one product. Howerver after I received 3 times the BellaSonic ultrasound treament the dryness from my skin was gone and I could feel the moisture from inside the skin. My skin texture became smoother and the tone brighter. For the first time in my life I could experience such a smooth radiant skin filled with moisture. I highly recommend BellasSonic ultrasound non-irritating treatment that boost your confidence even with bare face.

BellaSonic water ligt ultrasound treatment delivers 10 million micro vibrations per second into your skin, increasing the secretion of immune-active substances in the skin cells and waking up the cells in the skin to develop skin's natural strength.

Build a strong skin barrier and protect the elasticity, texture and the moisture barrier of your skin.


Water light ultrasound treatment without irritation for pure you.

"Skin problems require a fundamental solution!

That solution is Bellasonic"

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