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[DUO Hydrogen] Clean the skin from the base with DUO Hydrogen

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What's the most basic skincare treatment?


"To replenish moisture and nutrients

Make a clean place for your skin!" 


When dead skin cells, sebum and other waste are accumulated into the skin, it will be difficult to see the effect no matter how good nutrients and moisture are supplied to the skin.

In addition, these various waste become nutrients for the Demotex, creating a good environment for it to thrive.

Also the clogged pores cause trouble and the covered skin with dead skin will become inevitably rough.


[Clean the skin with

high-concentrated hydrogen water] 


Old Keratin

Blackheads and whiteheads


FIne dust

Waste material

Active oxygen


Remove them all with high-concentrated hydrogen water



STEP 1. Hydrogen water treatment

Duo Hydrogen supplies hydrogen water to the skin with particles smaller than pores to more effectively removes the fine dust, actie oxygen and other watsed from the skin to create a clean skin.

STEP 2. Duo Hydrogen treatment

Duo solution A and B steps gently dissolve various wastes such as sebum, blackheads and dead dead skin cells from the pores, and Duo Hydrogen removes the melted wastes without irritating the skin.

If you finish by supplying moisture and nutrition with Duo Solution C on a clear skin base, you can experience a clean, bright skin tone and a radiant skin full of moisture. 



Skincare equipment CE Certified


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