[DUO Healer] The secret behind a young skin is the right recovery process ( News & Event )

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[DUO Healer] The secret behind a young skin is the right recovery process

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In our society the first impression of a person matters a lot.

Skin texture plays an important role for a person’s appearance so maybe this is the reason behind the special interest of people nowadays for skincare treatments. But a lot of skincare treatments on the market are aiming for immediate drastic effects.

Just as the recovery period in life brings vitality, our skin also needs time to recover to become healthier.

Does that mean leaving it alone without doing anything is the right thing?


neglecting and taking a rest have different meaning.

Let’s softly strengthen and regenerate our tired skin with DUO Healer.




Why is the treatment with DUO Healer less irritating for the skin?

The answer is PDRN!

DUO Healer contains only pure PDRN which is not mixed with other ingredients.

What we should expect from DUO Healer treatment?

▶ As this product contains PDRN which is mainly used for its regenerative properties, it helps the skin to recovers from acne, scars and it also

reduces swelling

▶ By promoting the secretion of the main growth factors, the skin becomes healthier and firmer

▶ By increasing the ability to produce collagen and elastin, skin elasticity and moisture barrier are improved

What type of procedure should be used after or together with DUO Healer?

Used after various laser treatment/RF needling or auto MTS

it can be used after the treatment or used together for better results of your skin treatment.





DUO Healer insisting on high-purity PDRN without compromising anything.

In order to maintain a healthy skin is it important to know how to treat your skin during the recovery process after any skincare intervention and DUO Healer is the answer behind a proper and fast recovery.

Find the way to a glowing and young skin with DUO Healer.

Healthy skin makes a difference for your skincare treatment.

Check out with your skincare clinic if they use DUO Healer together with your skincare treatment for the best recovery process.

How to relax and brighten your skin? The answer is DUO Healer



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