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[DUO Hydrogen] When fine dust level is high? We need some hydrogen

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The maximum temperature exceeded 5 degrees for 3 days in a row so we can really feel the spring is finally here.

We can realize that spring has come not only through the

warm weather but also through “that”…

The biggest enemy of our skin,

Fine dust!

Fine dust is composed of harmful substances such as sulfate, nitrate, carbon and soot and as its particles size is very small that it can easily penetrates into the body to affect the skin by worsen the skin diseases, make the sensitive skin become more fragile and increase the skin problems.



How can we overcome this fine dust which was designed by WHO as number 1 group carcinogen?

If we can’t avoid it we should remove it!

Hydrogen toning

If we can’t avoid fine dust 100% even when we refrain from going out or wearing mask,

we should remove it neatly to keep our skin clean.

The best way to do it is through the DUO Hydrogen’s first function “Hydrogen toning”.






DUO Hydrogen’s hydrogen tonin?

Hydrogen toning is DUO Hydrogen’s 1600 ppb high concentration of hydrogen water

which deeply penetrates the pores for removing the fine dust.

This is the most important skincare step by deeply and healthy remove the dirt and impurities from the skin and gently clean it.

Through DUO Hydrogen pores cleaning, the skin will look healthier,

the skin tone brighter and also it would be easier for it to absorb the healthy ingredients.

Not through water but though “hydrogen” the skin will get cleaner!

How does DUO Hydrogen remove the fine dust?

This is thanks to DUO Hydrogen’s 1600ppb high-concentration hydrogen water that

contains very small particles comparing with the basic water.

Unlike the ordinary water, hydrogen water’s small particles can easily penetrate into the pores and remove the fine dust, impurities and dead skin!

In addition, hydrogen water also removes the active oxygen which gets increased by the external stimuli.

DUO Hydrogen’s hydrogen water also has anti-aging effects as it inhibits the active oxygen, the main reason of skin aging.

If you are curious about the content of active oxygen, check out the link below for more useful information.




Get rid of all your skin problems such as

sebum and impurities like fine dust, dead skin, blackheads and whitehead

not through basic skin care

but through DUO Hydrogen’s hydrogen toning.

It will definitely work




Umbrella will provide you the best solution for your beauty with “DUO Hydrogen. Try it now!”




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