[Bellasonic] Experience Bellasonic’s 10 million vibes ( News & Event )

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[Bellasonic] Experience Bellasonic’s 10 million vibes

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When the skin barrier weakens, the oil and moisture balance collapses, skin troubles increase, and the skin loses its elasticity.

My skin moisture barrier and elasticity feel like it cannot be restored with basic skincare products anymore.

However, my skin became too sensitive for various skincare treatments.

What should I do?

[So Umbrella met BellaSonic]


Bellasonic will provide you the best of your skin


through its high quality trembles

Bellasonic it’s a complex cross-wavelength equipment with double function

thanks to its high-frequency ultrasonic “Bellasono” and low-frequency ultrasonic “Bellapact” functions.

Awake every cell from your skin with soft ultrasound vibrations!

Bellasonic’s first function, “Bellasono”

"Bellasono" is delivering 10 million micro-vibrations per second to your skin without stimulation, it increases the secretion of immune-active substances from the skin and it awakes the skin’s cells to nurture the natural skin’s strength.

Bellasonic’s second function, “Bellapact”

"Bellapact" penetrates deep into the skin without damage and activates the epidermis’ cells for better moisture, sooth and skin resilience.

"Bellasonic is now available through Umbrella, the best provider for your beauty"







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